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Alpen 18-36x60mm 735 Waterproof Review

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The Alpen® 18-36x60mm Waterproof spotting scope #735 is a very well crafted optical device thatis the recipient of the ‘Great Buy Award’ in 2003, 2004 and 2005in the Outdoor Life Magazine. The reasons and features of the Alpen®18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope responsible for this are numerous.The Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope proves itself in all weather conditions and does not fail to perform even in the most challenging situations. All this and the guarantee of no manufacturer’s defects are packed into the compact body weighing just 4.2 pounds.

Features and Technical Details

The entire body of the Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope is covered by a rubberized coating that prevents any dirt and dust from accumulating on it. It also makes the grip stronger and better. Apart from that, the rubberized exterior also makes the device shockproof and prevents any damage on falling.In addition to the rubberized costing, the lenses are also multi coated resulting in crystal clear images and providing the lenses their much needed protection from the elements. The magnification provided by the zoom eyepiece is 18-36x which is sufficient for viewing distant images quite clearly. The zoom eyepiece also has a centre focusing system which is pretty strong and very efficient. The 60 mm objective aperture of the Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope allows for ample entry of light to produce bright sharp images even in dim light conditions. The Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope is not only waterproof but is also filled with nitrogen gas which makes it fog proof as well.The field of view is 120-90’ at 1000 yards. The Exit Pupil and Eye Relief are 3.3-17 and 20-17 respectively which makes shooting for long hour an easy task even for those with spectacles. The prism design isof the best quality being Porro. The straight eyepiece makes focusing at higher levels fast and easy.

Accessories and Prices

The Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope comes along with an extendable sunshade that avoids any interference with the working of the spotting scope due to the glaring sun or rain or snow. In addition to this, there is also the Tripod adaptable which lessens the burden on your hands and shoulders. The other accessory available with the Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope is the padded carrying case which is essential for the maintenance of your Alpen® 18-36×60 mm Waterproof spotting scope in good shape. The price that you have to pay for this great device is a mere 137.00 dollars.

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