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Tips for Birding using a Spotting Scope

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A spotting scope will widen your horizon for most bird watching. You can see a bird more clearly with spotting scope. All of us know that sometimes we need more than the usual 7x to 10x binoculars to locate those rare species of bird which we missed otherwise. However, it is not only used for rare species of birds but you can use a spotting scope for all kind of birding. The best thing about a spotting scope is that you can watch the sensitive species from a friendly distance; not disturbing them in their natural habitat. Some may feel that using a spotting scope is much difficult than a binocular but this idea of theirs can be debunked with a little practice.

Higher the magnification lower is the sharpness and the brightness of the image. Many other things are also lost in favor of higher magnification. More emphasis should be given to sharpness and clarity of the image rather than magnification. You should know how to use a spotting scope with a higher magnification. Make sure that you always start using the scope with the lowest available magnification and gradually increases it to the highest possible. Lining up with the target is the basic skill which is required to master the spotting scope. The best solution to the narrow scope is wide field of view, which can be achieved by wide- field eye pieces.

Spotting scopes are available in two different designs: straight and angled. straight designed scopes are the most preferred one and is characterized by an eyepiece that is in line with the body of the scope. While the angled scopes have the eyepiece aligned at an angle of 45 degrees to the barrel of the scope. straight designed scopes are considered best for birding from cars as they can be easily mounted on the car’s window. On the other hand angled scopes are best for bird watching at a height and they are also easy to use for watching stars at night time. All you need is practice, no matter which ever scope you use.

Some of the things which you should keep in mind for a better view are: keep your both eyes open while observing, wear your glasses if you suffer from astigmatism, use the stronger and the sharper eye as your scope eye, relax the muscle around the eyes while observing. However, if you cannot keep both the eyes open, try to keep the other eye partially open. This is considered to be a good practice and with little practice you can master the technique.

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