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Bushnell Elite 15-45 x 60mm Review

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Bushnell Elite spotting scope
Model #: 781548p

The Bushnell Elite 15-45 x 60mm spotting scope is a state of the art optical device with specifications of 15-45X 60mm. The weight of this wonderful device is about 750 grams, not too heavy and yet weighty enough to provide a good grip. The Bushnell Elite is also a compact device measuring only about 12.2 inches in length. The matte finish and the jet black colour give it a very sleek and chic look.


The spotting scope is fully multi coated which means that all the external surfaces are coated with multiple layers of protective covering. This extends the durability of the spotting scope thereby lengthening its lifespan. The close focus of the Bushnell Elite spotting scope is 30 feet which is a pretty decent distance for you to go close to the object and yet maintain clarity.The exit pupil of this spotting scope is 4@15x 1.3@45x in mm which is a very good value. The exit pupil is the size of the column of light that leaves the spotting scope. The larger the size the brighter and clearer is the resultant image. The range of magnification provided by the Bushnell Elite spotting scope is 15-45X which is adequate or a distance of 100 to 200 yards. The prism glass is of BAK-4 quality which is one the latest and the best that is available nowadays. The prism glass quality is very important as it is this that will determine how clear and accurate your result is. The size of the objective is60mm which is the standard for most of these spotting scopes and works considerably well too. Also there are other detachable eyepieces available so you can buy the one that fits your requirements accurately. The field of view is quite large thereby allowing you to view a considerable area at one go.

Some extra exclusive features

The Bushnell Elite spotting scope has a high definition rain guard as well. This rain guard is a coating that is applied all over the external surface as well as the lenses. This coating helps in achieving a clearer picture by splitting the drops of rain into tiny droplets that do not interfere with the clarity of function of the spotting scope. Another additional feature is the presence of O rings that are purged in nitrogen which completely seal the device from external fog or snow.


Overall the Bushnell Elite spotting scope is a good optical device with features that are adequate for shooting or viewing objects up to distances of 200 yards. Since eyepieces are additionally available, remember to invest in the one of superior quality.

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