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Leupold Sequoia Kit 15-45x60mm

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The Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60mm spotting scope Kit includes the scope as well as certain essential accessories to go with it. These accessories are essential for the easy functioning of the spotting scope and ensures that you don’t have to go running around for the right accessories every time you use the Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60mm spotting scope. Both the kit and the scope come in a solid black exterior that not only looks chic but is also easy to maintain because of its smooth finish.

Features and Technical Details

The Leupold Sequoia is protected by rubber armour. In addition to that it is made completely waterproof so that it can be used in all weather conditions. The optical system is well protected by multi coatings that not only ensure safety of the optical parts but also enhance the clarity and sharpness of the image.

The magnification offered by the zoom eyepiece is 15 to 45 x. The objective lens diameter of the Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60Mm spotting scope is 60mm which is adequate for almost all situations as it allows ample light to enter the spotting scope. The linear field of view is 131 – 63 feet @ 1000 yards/44 – 21 meters @ 1000 meters and the angular field of view is 2.5 – 1.2 degrees. The Exit Pupil and Eye Relief offered by the Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60Mm spotting scope are 3.9-1.3mm and 16.5-13mm respectively which makes it suitable for long use even for those with spectacles. The close focus dist5ance of the Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60Mm spotting scope is 29.9 feet.

Twilight Factor

The Twilight Factor is the factor that determines the resolution of the image in dim light conditions. It is calculated by taking the square root of the product of magnification and the aperture. The higher the Twilight Factor, the better will be the resolution of the spotting scope while observing under low light conditions. The Twilight Factor of the Leupold Sequoia 15-45X60Mm spotting scope is 30 to 52.

Kit Contents and Affordability

The Leupold Sequoia 20-60X80Mm spotting scope Kit includes a tripod stand that has adjustable legs and a multi directional tilting neck. In addition to that it also includes a hard case with padded interiors that provides complete protection to the Leupold Sequoia 20-60X80Mm spotting scope. The kit comes at small price for all it contains. The Leupold Sequoia 20-60X80Mm spotting scope Kit can be yours at just 292.60 dollars.

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