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Spotting Scope Buyers Guide

Angled Spotting Scope vs. Straight

The angle is great for low viewing

Angled and straight are the two basic body designs of the refractor spotting scope.
In a straight scope the […]

Where to buy the best spotting scopes

buy online

Over the past few years I’ve purchased over 10 different spotting scopes online for myself and my family. […]

Spotting Scope vs. Telescope

Spotting scopes can be used for Telescope sights

From the point of view of the design, a spotting scope and a telescope are not very different […]

Using a Spotting Scope for Astronomy

astronomy scope

Over recent years, the use of spotting scope has gained popularity due to its portability. Moreover, it often […]

Tips for Birding using a Spotting Scope

A spotting scope will widen your horizon for most bird watching. You can see a bird more clearly […]

How-to pick a Spotting Scope for Birding

Get closer when birding with a scope

There are many kinds of scopes available. Birding spotting scopes come with many features and its price generally […]

How-to pick a Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Take your target shooting to the next level

One very popular use of a spotting scope is for target shooting. This requires a premium quality spotting […]

Tips for Buying the Best Spotting Scope Tripod

Scoping is easier with a tripod

Tripods play an important role in providing stability to a spotting scope. It is believed that even the […]

Spotting Scope Tripods 101

Scoping is easier with a tripod

If a scope is not held steady even the world’s best spotting scope will be of no use. […]

Digiscoping 101

Nikon spotting scope with Coolpix camera for digiscoping

is a combination of the words digi and scoping wherein digi comes from digital cameras and scoping comes […]

Waterproof Spotting Scopes

One of the more desired features of a spotting scope is waterproofing so you can use the scope […]

What is a Spotting Scope?

I put together this short guide for those not familiar with spotting scopes.

spotting scope
A spotting scope is a […]

How to Choose a Spotting Scope

This page is a simple guide for those looking to buy a scope.
Quick Overview
A spotting scope is a […]