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Swarovski STM-65-HD Review

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Swarovski STM 65 - Model #49718

Swarovski STM 65 - Model #49718

The Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope is a high performance scope which not only delivers optically but in terms of durability as well. But all this does not come with the price of having to carry around a weighty device. The Swarovski STM-65-HD 49718 Scope is light, compact and portable measuring 12.79 inches and weighing about 35.1 ounces. The dark grayish green and black exterior gives it a professional look and the sleek cylindrical body fits in easily almost everywhere.

Features and Technical Details

The Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope has a 65 mm aperture which allows for maximum light entry thereby producing crystal clear and brighter pictures. The entire external surface as well the optical parts are coated with multiple layers of coating that increases durability and resistance of the spotting scope to the elements. The coating on the optical parts also enhances the picture quality by reducing blur and thus giving sharper images. Apart from that, the Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope also has a sight tube for quick targeting in case of moving targets like birds. The Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope has an objective and ocular lens focal length of 460mm. The shortest focusing distance is 16.4 feet. The Dioptric correction is greater than 5 which is quite impressive. In addition to all this, this spotting scope also comes with a case for easy and comfortable transport. The case is so designed to protect its optical parts. Along with the magnesium exterior to increase the durability of the spotting scope, there are also the high definition fluoride lenses that produce images with perfect contrast.

Some Special Features

The Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope along with the other coatings features a Swaroclean coating on the lens surface. This coating makes removing mineral residues, tree resins and insect repellants, a really easy task. Also the Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope is a dustproof and waterproof device that lasts you a lifetime. The Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope also comes with a lifetime warranty to add to this. The rubber armoring of the Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope is known for its great ability to absorb shock and sound. Apart from being dustproof the device can also be submerged to 13 feet below water and still manage to work perfectly. So the 1926.95 dollars that you are paying for it are not only well worth it but also a lifetime investment. So go ahead and opt for the Swarovski STM-65-HD spotting scope if you are an avid wildlife observer.

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