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Zeiss Diascope 85 FL

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The angled body Zeiss Victory Diascope 85 FL

The angled body Zeiss Victory Diascope 85 FL

The Carl Zeiss Victory Diascope 85 FL is undoubtedly one of the best 85mm scopes available. Needless to say, like all Zeiss diascopes, it is equipped with magnificent Zeiss optics for outstanding magnification, high resolution and exceptional brightness.

Main Features:

  • Legendary Carl Zeiss quality.
  • FL Glass for vivid, clean, bright colors in any light.
  • Dual ratio focus: rapid and precise.
  • Extra wide fields of view at all powers, 20x-60x.
  • Fully water proof and fog proof.
  • Lens coated with oil, water and dirt resistant coating of LotuTec.
  • Made in Germany.

My Review of the Zeiss 85FL Diascope (with vario eyepiece – angled 20-60x):

This Zeiss diascope is the full-sized version of Zeiss’ premier quality spotting scope. Surprisingly light and compact for an 85-mm scope. The build, quality and portability of the Zeiss fieldscope are most impressive. Another important feature of note is the easy-to-use, well-designed double focusing system. The diascope uses the Carl Zeiss Advanced Optics System (AOS) to give an outstanding experience in focusing.

This angled diascope is exceptionally useful if you do a lot of standing still kind of birding. An angled scope also makes sharing the view with others much easier, as people of different heights can bend down to one position for a sighting. This kind of an angled scope is also very advisable for seawatching, as you can sit down low and keep out of the wind.

One major downside to an angled model is using it in a hide – unless there’s room for you to put up a tripod, there isn’t a particularly easy solution for much of the time.

The eyepiece is spectacle wearer friendly. Needless to say, like all Zeiss optics, it gives outstanding clarity and magnification, avoids color fringing and also gives extra wide fields of view at all powers, 20x-60x.

If you’re looking for an outstanding scope with ultrafine optics and flawless images in any light, then my rating for this Zeiss spotting scope is an absolute must buy! With the impressive size and portability, Zeiss beats most of its counter parts with an extra edge. You can buy it from many websites; some of them even offer attractive discounts. The list price for this scope is $2500 approx, though you can check a number sites before you buy it because there’s a small difference in the price everywhere.

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